Privacy Policy

1.- Information for Users

COVECAR, S.L.U.1 hereby informs users of its website about its personal data protection policy and processing of data in regard to users and customers which may be compiled by browsing through this website.

COVECAR, S.L.U. as Data Controller, is responsible for processing Users’ personal details, and consequently provides the following information concerning data processing:

Why we process your details: to ensure we are able to have business relations with you. The reasons we process your details are as follows:

To ensure business, financial and/or labour relations between the Controller and users

To process orders, applications and any other type of requests or enquiries by users via any of the contact channels we have made available

Data conservation criteria: The personal details you provide us will be kept for the period we have relations with you, although you may exercise your rights as data subject at any time. In all cases we will keep your personal details for the length of time required by applicable regulations.

Data portability: Your details will not be referred to any other party, unless we are legally required to do so or on previous specific authorisation by the Data Controller

Rights of Data Subjects:

Data subjects have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.

Contact details for exercising rights:

Data subjects must duly identify themselves and clearly request the right they wish to exercise.

Data portabilityPostal Address: Carretera de Terrassa, 225, 2ª planta – 08205 SABADELL, A/A Departamento de Calidad


2.- Information provided by users

If you are under 18 years old, you are not allowed to use the forms on our website

When users enter their personal details in contact forms or on downloaded forms,they expressly, freely and unmistakably consent that processing their details is necessary in order to deal with their enquiries or applications, whereas including their details in all other fields is voluntary.

Users guarantee that the personal details they supply are true and are they are responsible for reporting any changes to their details.

All the details we ask you to provide through the website are necessary to provide you with an optimum service. If you do not provide all the required details, we may be unable to guarantee that the information and services the Controller offers will be entirely in line with your requirements.

3.- Information provided by users

In accordance with the provisions established in current regulations on personal data protection, the Data Controller complies with all GDPR and LOPD-GDD (Spanish Data Protection Act) provisions in regard to its personal data processing. The said data is processed legally, loyally and transparently in relation to the data subject and is adequate, pertinent and limited to strictly necessary processing for the defined purposes.

The Data Controller guarantees that appropriate technical and organisational resources have been implemented in order to apply the levels of security established in the GDPR and LOPD-GDD in order to protect the rights and freedoms of Users and they have been provided suitable information in order to exercise their rights.

4. Security Breaches

The Data Controller must inform all affected persons about any security breaches that affect the database that this website uses, or which affects any of our third party services. This must also be reported to the authorities within 72 hours following identification of the security breach.


In order to settle any conflicts or controversies in relation to this website or the activities we carry out through it, Spanish legislation will be applicable and the parties specifically agree to subject any conflicts arising therefrom or related to it to the Courts and Tribunals of Spain.

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